Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Arts and Crafts Attack!

Come and join me at the Philly Independent Craft Market from 11-6 @941 N.Front Street, Philadelphia PA. Bands, Music, Food and lotsa Arts and Crafty type stuff to buy for Mom on her special day!


mondo retro said...

hey geek boy press!

i'm one of the girls you met outside the flight of the conchords show (pink dress). just wanted to let you know that shari, the girl that bought your poster, gave it to jemaine and he loved it.
follow the link for photographic evidence:


he laughed at the "i have one ticket" thing written on the back. she also gave him your sticker and jemaine said, "um, does he really look like this?" we said, "yes." and then he said something about your teeth being huge. :)

many more pics on my flickr that you may feel free to peruse.

rock on,


mondo retro said...
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