Thursday, September 21, 2006

Baltimore Virgin!

Well, not really, just wanted to get your attention. Us Geeks are doin' double duty this weekend.
First up, Lou will be in Baltimore showin' off his stuff at the Virgin festival located at the Pimlico race course.
Next, we have Eric manning the table in Philly for another Big Art Show.
You should come out to at least one of these events to show your love. (And if you go to both, you must be the master of space and time, and we bow to your greatness!)


JohnRaygun said...

Man, this stuff looks great! I love ol' Gnarls, how was the Baltimore show?

JohnRaygun said...
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geekboypress said...

Thanks for the compliments! Best show I ever had! Don't think I forgot about that invincible scan I owe ya!